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Are you spending time sending employee review requests manually, or not at all?

Mobrium users have review requests on auto-pilot, collect more reviews and maximize eligibility for best place to work awards.

Are you manually watching for new reviews and Q&A’s needing a company response? Or not responding at all?

Mobrium users see all incoming content from employer profiles in one place and turn negative reviews into opportunities for increasing trust with strategic replies.

Are you trying to learn from employee feedback, but segmented data across all platforms is difficult?

Mobrium users have all their employer review trend data in one place, making more informed decisions.  

Are you struggling to hire with the same job ads? 

Mobrium users use aggregated company culture stats from employee reviews to increase applicant confidence and hire better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mobrium?

Mobrium is a platform for centralized management and optimization of employee reviews on top employer review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight.

Why use Mobrium?

Collect more employee reviews to drive better ratings and identify insights for meaningful #CompanyCulture change.

Account Access & Support
Can I switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan and visa versa?

Yes. Monthly paying customers can secure a discount at any time by switching to an annual subscription. Annual paying customers can switch to monthly payments at the end of a 12-month pre-paid term.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Monthly paying customers can cancel anytime, ending service at the end of the paid month. Annual paying customers can cancel anytime, ending service at the end of the pre-paid 12-month term.

Employer Reputation Dashboard
How does Mobrium collect employee review data?

Using data partners, Mobrium aggregates publicly accessible data in compliance with legal requirements and limitations.

How are Mobrium scores calculated?

Using proprietary algorithms, ratings and culture scores from employer sites are aggregated to reflect the most accurate totals and averages possible. 

I have employee reviews on a site not included with Mobrium. Will Mobrium add it?

Let us know which site and we will give you an answer. New employee review sites are added based on customer requests.

Employee Review Requests
Does using Mobrium guarantee that star rating and culture scores will increase?

No. Employee review sites operate independently and are not associated with Mobrium. Using Mobrium to request employee reviews may increase the quantity of reviews received, which, according to our research, has a correlation with ratings and culture scores.

Will using Mobrium guarantee that my company wins a BPTW award?

No. Employee review sites awarding BPTW awards operate independently and are not associated with Mobrium. Using Mobrium to request employee reviews may increase the likelihood that your company meets minimum review quantity requirements to be eligible for BPTW awards.

How do I start sending employee review quests using Mobrium?

Login. Go to Request Reviews. Upload your employee list. Select delivery preferences and customize your request or choose a template. That’s it! Mobrium will automatically send employee review requests at random, continuously.

Are employee review requests sent with Mobrium anonymous?


How does Mobrium know which employees to send review requests to?

Using our proprietary randomization algorithm, Mobrium tracks which employees have been asked to leave reviews and on which sites. This allows each employee to be included on future review requests when eligible.

What if employees are hired or leave the company? How do I add or remove them?

Simply upload a new, current employee list. Our system will then evaluate the old list and new list, noting which employees are new and which have been removed. We recommend uploading a new employee list at least twice a year.

Can I see which employees have received a review request?

To protect anonymity, you can see who has received a review request only after 10 employees have been contacted. Timestamps of when individual employees were asked to share a review are never disclosed.

What employee information is needed to send review request emails using Mobrium?

Only an email is required. A name can also be added to personalize the request. Gender can also be added in order to send review-requests for gender-specific review requests, for example, sending requests to only females to share a review on InHerSight.

Is employee information shared outside of Mobrium?

No. All employee info shared for the purpose of requesting employee reviews is only used for that purpose and nothing else. Read more about our privacy policy HERE.

Employee Review Inbox
What content pieces appear in the employee review reply inbox?

All employee reviews, interview reviews, benefit reviews, Q&As, and other comments left by employees on review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight.

Can I reply to reviews and other comments directly from Mobrium?

No. To increase account security, Mobrium does not have sign-in integrations with the admin account associated with your employer profile(s). Simply click the review needing a reply in Mobrium to view it directly on your employer profile to respond.

What other review and comment management functionality exists within Mobrium?

Reviews and other comments can be marked as “Replied to” after your reply is submitted. They can also be marked as “Investigating” and “No response needed” to simplify your management of all employee reviews and comments received.


How does Mobrium find trending topics from all reviews across Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight?

Mobrium looks at all your employee reviews, not just a fraction of them found on one site, which increases accuracy of your findings. Powered by AI, our software identifies themes by sentiment and mention frequency to measure your public-facing #CompanyCulture perceptions.

Can Mobrium identify negative topics in positive reviews and visa versa?

Yes. Our software identifies positive and negative sentiment words and phrases, regardless of the star rating. This allows you to more accurately identify topics of importance. 

Is Mobrium the only employee feedback analysis tool you ever need?

No. At Mobrium, we specialize in public employee feedback. That means online reviews. The best HR leaders pair Mobrium with their preferred internal employee feedback tools for a holistic and fully inclusive view of all employee feedback.


What types of statistics can be identified and incorporated into #EmployerBranding ads and messaging?

Use Mobrium’s easy filtering tools to find specific, positive stats about your culture. All stats are calculated based on your real employee reviews and aggregated data from all your employer review sites. Here are some examples: 

- Total # of 5-star employee reviews received across the internet

- Total # of 5-star employee reviews received since COVID

- Total % of all employee reviews that positively mention a specific positive #CompanyCulture attribute.

Where can employee review stats generated with Mobrium be used in advertising?

Anywhere. We recommend incorporating employee review stats on the career page of your website, on job postings and your employer profile descriptions and anywhere you want to reinforce positive attributes of your culture. 

What formats and customization options exist for employee review stats generated with Mobrium?

Identify your desired review stat and design a customized graphic with your company branding. Export the file for easy sharing across social media, with employees and in any messaging you can think of. Review stats can also be copy/pasted for use virtually anywhere.

Mobrium Gives Back©

For a list of frequently asked questions about the Mobrium Gives Back©, click HERE.


Is Mobrium associated with any employee review sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight?

No. Mobrium has no affiliation Glassdoor, Indeed, Comparably and InHerSight. Mobrium is an independent, privately-owned and operated company.

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