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The Culture Profit

The Culture Profit is a podcast series obsessed with one question: How can company culture drive greater profits? Episodes examine HR and marketing practices directly tied to increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Featured guests are successful, innovative leaders sharing their own stories of driving profitable outcomes with people-first strategies. Hosted by Mobrium Co-Founders Matt R. Vance and Crista Vance, expect research-backed stats, engaging stories and the occasional dad joke. Together let’s prioritize profits by prioritizing people.

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Radical Candor

Why we love this podcast
"We believe in having radical candor at every workplace, both to increase our individual self-awareness and to achieve the best results as a team."

-Crista Vance, Co-Founder & COO

The Inspired Podcast

#leadership, #employeeretention

Relationships at Work

At Mobrium, we believe in providing work environments for employees that make them excited to go to work each day. Those environments are strongly impacted by the communication and behaviors of the leaders and employees.

Culture First


Transform Your Workplace

#humanresources, #companyculture

Happier at Work


The Company Culture Podcast


The Rework Podcast

#business, #entrepreneurship

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