Mobrium Gives Back©

At Mobrium, we believe business can be a vehicle for good. That’s why we established the Mobrium Gives Back© Program.

With our clients and partners, we provide fellow human beings with life-saving supplies and fulfill needs that promote self-sufficiency carried out through partnerships with high-performing 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

Together, we can bring hope and help to individuals and families near and far.

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Mobrium Gives Back Impact

History of Giving

To date, Mobrium, supporters and Mobrium clients have collectively given back:


5-Gallon canister of safe drinking water in Serbia


Prayer mat for a refugee or migrant


Hot dish of noodles for 5 refugees in Serbia


Four chickens for a family in Tanzania


Baby fish in for a family in Honduras


Business skills training for a woman in Tanzania


Access to a community water system for a family in Kenya


Enrolling your daughter in school session in Kenya


A sheep for a family in Kenya

How does the Mobrium Gives Back© Program work?

There are 3 easy ways to Give Back with Mobrium:

Referral Program

  • Have a friend in HR at a company that cares about their people? We’d love to meet them!
  • We donate a *5-gallon canister of clean drinking water in Serbia, just for them meeting with us. *A similar donation may be substituted if needed.
Refer a friend

Shop the Mobrium Gives Back© catalog

  • Net profits for all products fund specific needs.
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Client Giving

  • Become a Mobrium client and enroll in the Mobrium Gives Back© Program.
  • Receive Mobrium Gives Back© credits each month based on your company size.
  • Select a need from our giving back catalog of over 30 opportunities around the globe.
Get Started
Church World Service Logo

Our Preferred Partner: Church World Service

Mobrium supports the 501(c)(3) non-profit Church World Service.

Church World Service was born in the wake of the devastation of World War II. Seventeen Christian denominations came together “to do in partnership what none of us could hope to do as well alone.”

As a faith-based organization, CWS supports communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

Learn more about CWS at

What Mobrium loves about CWS:

75+ years proven performance

Established global giving infrastructure

Focused on solutions for #Hunger #Poverty #Displacement #Disaster

CWS Reviews and Scores

Charity Navigator Logo

90% Score for Accountability and Finance
4/4 stars overall

Charity watch logo

A- overall
88% revenue spent on programs and BBB logos

BBB Accredited charity
Meets all 20 standards for charity accountability

Mobrium Gives Back© Products

Net profits funding specific needs.

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Mobrium Premium Notebook and Pen Set
What it funds:
Five cans of corn to plant in Haiti
Buy Now
Mobrium Wireless Phone Charger
What it funds:
Business skills training for a woman in Tanzania
Buy Now
Mobrium Shirt
What it funds:
Four chickens for a family in Tanzania
Buy Now
Author Signed Paperback copy of The Review Cycle
What it funds:
A toy for a refugee child in the United States
Buy Now
Author Signed Hardback copy of The Review Cycle
What it funds:
Diapers for a baby in Egypt for a month
Buy Now
Ultimate Bundle
What it funds:
Two pigs for a family in Tanzania

Mobrium Gives Back© Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs associated with participating in the Mobrium Gives Back© Program?

No, there is no added cost to participate for Mobrium clients. All items and services purchased for donation through the Mobrium Gives Back© Program are paid for by Mobrium. 

How many credits can my company receive?

Mobrium Gives Back© credits are earned monthly, one credit per month. A maximum of 20 credits can be held at any given time.

What can Mobrium Gives Back© credits be used for?

There are 25 plus items and services available for selection including chickens for families in Tanzania, toys for refugees in the U.S. and emergency rations for children in Kenya displaced by disaster. Browse the Mobrium Gives Back© catalog.

How are Mobrium Gives Back© credits redeemed?

Mobrium clients who have opted into the program receive a monthly email listing their current credit total, a link to the catalog, and a link to a redemption form. Participants must complete the redemption form before the communicated deadlines for selections to be funded that month. Submissions completed after the deadline will be funded the following month.

What happens after I redeem my Mobrium Gives Back© credits?

The Mobrium team processes your order and makes the selected donation on your behalf to the respective 501(c)(3) non-profit partner. Your selection is added to your all-time Mobrium Gives Back© history.

Do Mobrium Gives Back© credits roll over?

Yes. Participants can roll over credits up to a total of 20 credits. No more than 20 credits can be held in a participant’s balance.

Do Mobrium Gives Back© credits expire?

Credits expire when a participant is no longer a Mobrium client.

How much is a Mobrium Gives Back© credit worth?

Mobrium Gives Back© credits hold no monetary value. Items and services available for selection are given prices by number of credits based on actual and estimated costs incurred by Mobrium at the time of funding. As actual costs of items and services may change, the associated credit prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Can Mobrium Gives Back© credits be awarded retroactively if I have already been a customer and am just now opting in to the program?

For simplicity of managing the program, credits are only awarded from the time of opting in to the program going forward.

When can Mobrium Gives Back© credits be redeemed?

Credits can be redeemed at any time using the redemption form provided by the Mobrium team. Note that selected items and services are only funded once monthly by Mobrium.

Who at my company is authorized to spend Mobrium Gives Back© credits?

To simplify the assignment and redemption of credits, each company may assign only one representative at a time to participate in the Mobrium Gives Back© Program. By default, this individual is the admin user listed on the account. To delegate participation to another company representative, email our team at

How can I check my Mobrium Gives Back© credit balance?

All participants of the program will be notified each month with their new credit balance. 

Is there a way to view my Mobrium Gives Back© history of redemptions?

Simply email for a history of all your redemptions.

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