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The Review Cycle

The Review Cycle Book, Infographic, and Author (Matt R. Vance)

The book that started Mobrium. Started in 2017 and published in 2022, The Review Cycle is more than a book. It is a feedback and reputation framework proven and refined over a decade of managing 3,000+ review profiles and listings, conducting surveys and performing first-hand research.

Written by Co-Founder & CEO Matt R. Vance, this book demonstrates the exceptionally powerful influence of publicly shared consumer and employee feedback to win sales and attract job applicants. It also proves that consumer and employee feedback loops are largely optimized with the same principles and uniquely fine-tuned.

Learn why we are so influenced by online reviews. Understand the four phases of consumer decision-making in The Review Cycle framework. Then master your online reviews with Matt’s 4-step model.

The Review Cycle is acclaimed by business executives and industry experts and has been honored with the following awards:

🏆WINNER: Business Book Category - 2023 New York Book Festival

🏆WINNER: Business Book Category - 2023 Los Angeles Book Festival

🏆WINNER: Business Book Category - 2023 San Francisco Book Festival

🏆RUNNER-UP: Business Book Category  - 2023 London Book Festival

🏆RUNNER-UP: Business Book Category  - 2023 Beach Book Festival

🏆BRONZE: Best Adult Non-Fiction Informational Ebook - 2023 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Find The Review Cycle on Amazon or get a free copy just for meeting with us. To get your free copy, schedule time to learn about Mobrium and mention this offer.

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