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Crista Vance
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Crista Vance is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Mobrium and Co-Host of The Culture Profit Podcast. Prior to these roles, she worked for 6 years in web accessibility and oversaw administrative and logistic functions at WebAIM, a Utah State University organization. She has been known for her reliability and significant attention to detail while coordinating in-person trainings, communicating with clients, and managing accounting functions for multiple organizations.

In-line with her impeccable attention to detail, Crista has acted as the Executive Editor for 3 published books, including The Review Cycle, with a cumulative total page count over 600.

As a female founder, Crista is also a full-time mom to four children. Balancing such differing responsibilities, Crista is a master scheduler and project manager. For years, she brought her kids with her to the office for work. This experience significantly influenced Crista’s desire to make professional remote work more accessible. And yes, she now enjoys working 100% remote at Mobrium.

Crista received her bachelor’s degree in Family, Consumer and Human Development with an emphasis in Family Finance from Utah State University. After years of testing her handywoman abilities renovating an old home in Logan, Utah, she now gets to enjoy the fruits of her labors and return to her previous hobby–tennis. A State Champion in 2010, she also loves playing the piano, organ and violin for listening ears and biking with her family.

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